About Us


About_1~The Wax Skin Spa staff works by scheduled appointments & accepts walk in's as well~ 


This ensures that our waxologists, estheticians, and massage therapists can concentrate on creating the ultimate personal esthetic experience to meet each individual client’s needs.  The Wax Skin Spa's staff aspires to connect with our clients and provide luxurious yet beneficial treatments, using the highest quality products designed to cater to your total skin and body wellness. 

When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, we are a bit obsessive. We never recycle our wax or spatulas to ensure a truly non-contaminated hair removal experience. Making sure we are lowering our carbon footprint is important to us, however we do use new disposable products whenever possible and what is not disposable is 100% sanitized prior to your service. We offer Manscaping for men as well as Landscpaing for the ladies. 





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Your Skin Temptress

Regina Marie                                                                                                                               

Virgo-Earth Rooster

Regina the Queena, not only has great knowledge of how to proficiently fondle your follicles, she also possess the expertise on how to help protect your skin during and after the waxing process. Licensed in skin care for 25 years, Regina as well specializes in the ever so popular science of manscaping. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease is another quality our clients truly appreciate.

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The Archer of Expression                                                                                                            

Nadja Teeya 

Cancer-Water Rooster

Nadja, with another claim to fame besides her flawless skin and natural beauty, she is also our brow specialist at The Wax Skin Spa. Her innate instinct to arch, trim and shape is like none other. Possessing her license in skin care as well, Nadja will have your skin feeling refreshed and brows looking pristine and picture perfect.   


Massage Therapists


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 Crone of Healing Touch

Jacqueline Marie

Scorpio-Water Dragon

Jackie, has graced our spa with her natural ability to assist our clients with therapeutic and relaxation massage. Our Crone’s 22 years of licensed massage expertise will have your muscles singing a new tune of utter relief and gratitude. Providing Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology, hot stone and aromatherapy style massage.



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The Maker of Chirapsia

Mariah Renne

Scorpio-Metal Horse

Mariah, implements a holistic style of bodywork to induce relaxation of your muscular and skeletal interrelation. Enlightened with an authentic meditative verve, Mariah's ability to use accurate pressure throughout the body creates a feeling conducive to pure rejuvenation, enticing each muscles origin and insertion point. 





Yoga Instructors

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The Hot Yogini

Leah Shirley

Gemini-Earth Sheep

Leah, will truly have you in a place of utter amazement with her precise and focused abilities to manipulate your muscles and make your body feel the true meaning of Zen! Since trained in Bikram yoga, Leah's massage style puts her in the upper echelon status of practitioners. Providing an incredible experience of modified manipulation of the soft connective tissue of the body.



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The Energy Alchemist

Jessica Cerine

Scorpio-Metal Pig

Jessica, who was born medically intuitive, has embraced the art of energy therapy. Practicing for over a decade, she is gifted with the natural ability to guide your own body’s energy while  assimilating wellness through Reiki. More so importantly, Jessica’s has an aptitude to shift, transmute, and increase ones physical and psyche potential. While helping you develop a dynamic elixir for your highest prospective desires, Jessica focuses on your person as a whole through life's journey; Mind, body and Spirit!