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Below–the–Belt–treatment (Intimate waxing for men) is fast becoming more popular within our society. It isn’t just for underwear models, professional swimmers, or those ever-so-popular cyclist that want to avoid road rash. For those who have questions regarding these services consultations with a waxologist are available upon request.
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There is no need to feel embarrassed, our staff will make sure you feel totally safe and secure by concealing your anonymity.With 85% of our clientele being male, at The Wax Skin Spa, we strive to provide a comfortable environment for all. We pride ourselves on following HIPAA medical laws regarding your personal information. Understanding that waxing is not only a very private but also a personal service, we have created a unique space with one side that is geared towards men.





The Wax Skin Spa is conveniently located in the trendy Alberta Arts neighborhood within North East Portland. We are the first sustainable and re-purposed designed spa in the nation. No one is going to know where you are heading when you walk through the gentlemens door of the man cave. No waiting in a lobby full of women; it is just you and our welcoming staff. 


After Glow


Treat yourself to that "OH SO SMOOTH" feeling. It will amaze you how a simple wax job can effect your personal relationships, not only with your clothes but perhaps your intimate life too!



Make it happen


Same day appointments are available. Understanding that waxing for men can sometimes be impulsive, we work by appointment only.  Please feel free to give us a call on our land line at (503) 477-9991 or send us a message on the Request Line page above. We have also introduced an online instant chat in the right hand corner of this page. Make sure to include what services you are seeking, the time, and date so we can plan accordingly.