Intuitive Reading & Energetic Healing 


Have you ever come to a point in your life where you are in search of a specific direction .Feeling incapable and wanting to put your finger on what your next step might be? We are all spiritual beings having a human experience here on earth. For some of us, finding the right spiritual coach can be life changing and surreal. 

Joseph is always working with the highest vibration of benevolent spirits through intuitive connections from beyond the veil. As humans we should be constantly putting spiritual energy out, however many are absorbing others thoughts about them instead of using their own intuitive nature to determine who they are on all levels. We as people that know ourselves best, yet we tend to let others determine who we are. Remember we all have free will, therefore the information you might get from Joseph could help you change your direction to a more positive placement in life.


" I couldn't believe it, when I first met Joseph and his statement to me was ' Who is Emily?', I was floored, he said she was around me and was one of my protectors and guides. Right before I was born my mothers best friend died in a car accident . I was given her middle name at birth. There is no way he could have known any of this unless he really is connected to something beyond.  K. Derrik
"Being a psychic junkie I have seen them all, from the woman that read my tarot cards to people holding my car keys." When Joseph suddenly told me a thought that I had in my mind and expressed that my boyfriend whom had passed away told him that exact statement,  "I was floored." This guy is the real deal! R. Harris